AGPTEK R2S Clip MP3 Player

AGPTEK R2S Clip MP3 Player, Lightweight Lossless Sports Music Player with FM Shuffle (No Internal Memory, Support Up to 64GB), Blue

I bought this FANTASTIC clip mp3 player 1 week ago on Amazon for only $17.99

The package was very small and it included:

– AGPTEK R2S mp3 player;

– 1 micro USB cable;

– User manual.

What was make me say WOW is the lightweight of this mp3 player, plus it has a wearable clip to could attach to my t-shirt/pants while I go in the morning to run… just I love it!! The quality sound is very high and it supports many audio format (mp3, wma, wav and many others).

NOTE: the mp3 doesn’t have an internal memory (so you will need to have a micro-SD card and it supports up to 64GB capability) and it doesn’t come with earphones.

Useless to say… after 1 hour that the package was arrive at home and after reading themanual to use, I was put my micro-SD card inside the mp3 I was go to try it while running and I didn’t even feeled the weight of mp3 player that is just 0.67oz (19g.). I was set the equalizer to funk and the sound was great.

By the way, this mp3 player has many functions:

– FM radio, I use this option on the return at home;

– FM/voice recording, perfect in case you are a student and want to record a lesson of a professor and you don’t want to let your smartphone on the desk or to record an FM broadcast;

– folder view, thanks at the 0.8 inch LCD screen visible even in sunny days… to lock/unlock the screen, you will need to press the two buttons on the corner simultaneously;

– resume playback & bookmarks, so I’m able to not listen again songs or audiobooks/lessons from the beginning but it will remember where I was left off last time… plus I’m able to add till 10 bookmarks!

The battery has a good life (manufacturer declares up to 20 hours)… I run every morning for 1 hour and I have still half battery after 1 week of use!

In conclusion I’m very satisfied with this purchase and I highly recommend it!!!

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