Auna internet worldwide radio

A little/big radio

I bought it in November with a great discount and free shipping.

Is it possible with a small radio to have many ways to listen to good music?

Yes. This radio is just 14cm tall and 22cm wide, I found all the instruments that I would need to listen to any kind of music with any device.

The unit is very compact and with an elegant design, I placed it in my living room without discussing it with my wife.

The package contained:

– The radio unit;

– 1 power supply, to connect the radio to an electrical outlet;

– 1 remote control (I really love to change radio stations with it while I stay laid down on the sofa);

– Instruction manual in German and English, and well written.


The radio receives all worldwide radio stations through the internet (connected with cable or Wi-Fi). With this unit I can listen to 3 kinds of radio:

– Internet

– DAB+ (I was able to receive a strong signal)

– FM

When I get bored listening to radio, I can easily connect my USB and listen to my favorite playlist, or I can listen to music from my phone via Bluetooth.

On the screen of the radio appears the information of songs and this is great for discovering who the artist is, for example when you listen radio from foreign countries,  and when the radio is turned off the digital display will show you the date time.

The sound quality is good for a medium room without distortion, and easy to regulate the bass to your taste with the built-in equalizer.

With the limited power, it’s not suitable for large outdoor areas. But with a cable I can connect it to an external amplifier and surpass this limit.

In conclusion the correlation between price and quality is very high, and I’m in love with it and I’m very pleased to have discovered it.

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