Avon Anew Ultimate 7s Night Gold Emulsion 50 Ml (1.7oz)

The product Claims: The AVON Anew Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion cream with an advanced Pro-Sirtuin TX Technology, repairs all signs of aging for younger-looking skin. The Gold Polypeptide Complex in this night cream moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth, removing blemishes, and combating wrinkles that can age your skin‘s appearance. Condition your complexion to make it soft and supple with glycerin working to galvanize the skin‘s natural properties. The propylene glycol repairs and conditions skin for a natural glow. Containing glycolic acid which enhances skin tone and texture, this product is suitable for daily use as a skincare treatment. The butylene glycol allows the skin to hold sufficient amounts of water so that it remains moisturized throughout the day, ideal for a long-lasting effect that weathers environmental challenges.

Pro’s – Brought this product because I was attracted to the color and I thought it was like a magic serum that does some magic spell and boom-no wrinkles. Comes in a black/goldish box, and the container is from some resistant glass which won’t break if it falls on the floor. This Night cream, from Anew, Avon, actually did not work for me so well at beginning… my face did sting from it…but in some hours, felt better. It is for women of 45+ and I am actually 25 years old… but yes I have some lines on my forehead which are wrinkles… 3 at number… 3 wrinkles… and I see them. So maybe, this is why the face stings a bit when applying it. The texture of the cream – is like a gel, goldish transparent with glitter in it and it smells beautiful and doesn’t disturb my nose. Applied it over the night, and I noticed in first 3 days that my face is more hydrated, and it gives the skin a special glow. The skin stays moisturized during the day also. I don’t have pimples, and I guess this is more for mature skin, but also really works if you are crazy young and you really don’t want deep wrinkles very soon. Face feels like satin after it is absorbed in the skin. So, the spell, takes time, I still see the wrinkles, but I will continue using it. Price is $23, plus shipping, so for a spell I think it’s a good price.

Con’s – Well, I wish this treatment wouldn’t itch or sting when I apply it at beginning. The product may not be suitable If you know you have sensitive skin. Think twice if you are between 20-30 years old when you buy it and I do not know if I will buy it again after finishing it.

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