Avon Attraction for Her – Body Lotion 6.7 Fl. Oz.

For the fateful figure of $3.50 this Avon body lotion, of 200 ml, can be purchased through Amazon that has the price cheaper  than Avon site.

I bought this body lotion, in December, for my sister with the relative Avon Attraction Eau de Perfume (review present on site too)… for a nice Christmas present.

The Attraction body lotion is good for smooth and soften your skin. It absorbs quickly and moisturizes long your skin… the lotion has also a soft smell of blackberry, musk and vanilla amber.

My sister told me that the lotion is not greasy and after one month of use it, her skin became more soften for real, she use the lotion after shower/bath and before go in bed. Maybe the only cons about Attraction body lotion is that the smell fades very quickly after application so you will need to smooth generously all over body to could feel the sweet smell of it(by the way also Attraction Eau de Perfume has a soft smell with just one spray).

Every woman deserves to relax in the end of day with themselves and with this lotion they will have a soft and delicate friend for their skin to could remove all the accumulated daily stress from work/house.

My sister is very happy for the gift received, she really love the soft fragrance(vanilla) of the lotion on her skin and the smell trapped his pajamas and she received lot of compliments by his husband too.

I recommend this product for the unbeatable price… so a try it is worth; and why not to complete the order, through Amazon, with the Attraction Eau de Perfume and with just $20,45 these two products will arrive at your home for a great gift!! Thumb up!

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