Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum

Are you looking for a nice Valentine’s gift? Or just a nice idea to surprise the women in your life? Here there is a nice scent from Avon that is inexpensive and has a sweet and soft fragrance. I bought it as Christmas gift in December for my sister. The delivery from Amazon was quick and the bottle was packed in tight so it couldn’t move and break.

The bottle (50 ml.) has a real captivating form, in the front a triangle pointing downwards and in the back a triangle pointing upwards. The spray is locked by a square ring (that sometimes can make difficult the sprayer). There are many different scents coming together that make it quite unique, the main smell is a woody fruity scent. In fact there are: pear nectar, blackberry, pink pepper, musk, black orchid, jasmine, vanilla amber and rock-rose. The smell that my sister likes most is the vanilla amber and pralines that are in the base notes of the perfume plus the rockrose makes a lovely oriental scent. What make this perfume really appreciated by my sister is that the scent is not overpowering and can be used indifferently on day or night. In a few words, a perfume for all occasions and it lasts a long time on the skin (but with more than a single spray).

I really recommend the purchase of this perfume through Amazon which has the best price (is cheaper than buying from the Avon site or Avon representative) plus you will give a really appreciated gift to women that will use the perfume, and they will remain really surprised that it is a perfume from Avon because it is a “ modern” scent and is totally different than the classic Avon perfume (like Classic Decanter or Odyssey)… so thumb’s  up!

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