Avon Far Away Eau de Parfum

If are you looking for a gift to your wife/girlfriend, mother or female friends… this perfume is a great idea! I bought this perfume for my older sister as a Christmas present. The delivery through Amazon was very fast as usual.

The scent of this perfume has a floral aroma; in fact there are notes of:

– Peach and freesia, the heart of the perfume;

– Jasmine, osmanthus and orange flower, that make the tone color (in fact on Amazon the picture is generic but in reality the color of the perfume is more deeper/dark);

– Vanilla musk, sandalwood and amber, the base of perfume.

All those ingredients are well mixed from the base and all flowers give at the scent a tone of oriental as the osmanthus.

The smell is a bit strong so if you know that the gift recipient loves strong scents of perfume, this can be the right one.

My sister particularly likes it because Far Away perfume has, and is, a different bouquet and lasts all day… so for sure it will become your signature fragrance. She uses this perfume now everyday instead of other brands which are more expensive and she asks me from where I bought it… so even though it is not nice know the price of a gift, I gave her the Amazon link (yes, the price on Amazon is cheaper  than Avon site).

I’m a male so judging the reaction of my sister, the only thing that I can add is that a perfume is something that doesn’t have a suggested age, so it can be a perfect gift for your daughter but also for your grandmother if they love fragrances a bit strong,

I give it a thumbs up!!!

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