Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom

I bought this doll in December for the third birthday of my niece and I got the proof that was the perfect one when I saw her face.

In the package there was:

– 1 Barbie;

– 1 hair tool;

– 1 hairbrush;

– 3 clasps (pink, red and purple);

– 1 user guide (Italian, German, French, English and Spanish)

The doll is a Mattel Barbie so it is built with non-toxic materials and looks sturdy.

The body is rigid, with one folded arm, but she can sit. Barbie wears an almost purple swimsuit that is not removable. The only part that it is possible to remove is the long bell-shaped cloth skirt and the purple heels, but she can easily wear other Barbie clothes if you have them. The only difficult part will be to pass all her thick hair with a small t-shirt, after she wears a purple crown on the head and a pink necklace.

Her thick hair is the main feature of this Barbie, with the hair measuring 23 cm (9 inch) in length, and my niece appreciated it a lot and started to brush it with the pink hairbrush present in the package.

The doll has already 4 braids (2 soft pink, 1 pink and 1 purple) and at the end of the braids there are 4 beads that you can hook into the hair tool and pressing the tool’s button, they will start to twist.

This part is a little bit complicated for my niece of 3 years old, but with help of my sister she can do many trendy and different hairstyles to her Barbie. With the 3 clasps supplied in the package you can fix the braids of Barbie, or they can also be used in the child’s hair.

In conclusion for the price that I paid, and to watch the face of my niece (whom really loves long hair) while she was brushing the hair and playing with her favorite doll, I feel myself very satisfied with this purchase.

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