BLACK&DECKER Smart Select 2 in 1 Steam Mop with Handheld Cleaner

I bought this “heavenly” item in the end of October to could not have any other excuses to not do housework. I’m really lazy and think to take the bucket, fill it, add detergent, rinse the rag inside, first pass, rinse again the rag and squeeze it to could dry the floor… I already yawn just writing these words!

Lucky me, now the “music” is changed and thanks to this Black&Decker steam mop:

  1. I take the steam mop and I fill the measuring cup(it installed on the mop handle) with water;
  2. I connect the steam mop to the electric outlet (cable long 5 m.) and I wait that the water pan changes color from red to blue;
  3. I start to clean the house;
  4. When I finish to clean the house, I remove the microfiber pad for wash it in the washing machine(wait that the steam become cold).

On the handle of the steam mop there is a button to could select the type of floors & the quantity of steam(50% on stone/Tile, 10% on wood) plus there is a button for activate turbo.

I think that with this steam mop the floor is less dirty than when I used the bucket and rag. Passing the steam mop any 2 days the result is amazing, I go slowly so the steam has the necessary time to could melt the dirt and I active the turbo where there is more dirt.

NOTE: after that I pass the steam mop, the floor remain a bit wet so you will need to wait that the floor will be completely dry.

The header mop is very thin and with swivel steering, I can easily move the mop around furniture and into corners… mop automatically shuts off the steam when parked upright and it is self-standing too.

By the way this steam mop has a small brother/sister and it is the removable hand held steam cleaner(the central body of the steam) that I use on the floor tiles in the bathroom and on cooking surface… connecting the hand held to a pipe.

I’m really satisfy about this purchase made through Amazon that sell also all spare parts of this Black&Decker steam mop… for the rest it is an excellent product that use just water and make me save money from detergents plus, thanks to the steam, it sterilize all surfaces(vertical/horizontal). I really recommend it!!! Thumb up!!!

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