Bug Out Bag Bracelet For Men

If you are a passionate of Bear Grylls/Dual Survival and like outdoor activities this small bracelet can be very useful on your wrist to could start the adventure. 😛

I bought this paracord survival bracelet, through Amazon, in the end of February for my brother in law a real addicted to this “items” and president of an airsoft association.

The delivery was very fast and when the item arrived it was well packed also in a small plastic bag.

The bracelet is well done with two materials, plastic(buckle) and polyester… some features are:

– the circumference of the bracelet is 26 cm./10.23 inch (with buckle closed) and width of the bracelet is approx.  2.3 cm./0.9inch(with braided cord) NOTE(to my brother in law it fit perfect) but better to measure the wrist to not have any drawback and be forced to cut the paracord because more long is the paracord more useful can be at your outside activities;

– length of untied bracelet is 350-400cm. and manufacturer declare that the strength of the paracord is up to 110 kg.;

– on the buckle there is a small whistle that with full lungs it will make a strong sound to be heard from long distance and catch the attention plus there is a flint fire starter(tested it make lot of sparks) and a scarper(useful for open metal cans).

Based on the opinion of my brother in law this bracelet is a must have for people like him that love to stay in the nature in a “wild” way, he wear the bracelet almost everyday… maybe the small negative point of the bracelet is that you can’t adjust the measure to could fit it perfectly on your wrist.

He is very satisfied and has already used it during an airsoft “Milsim” and told me that everything worked well(he suggested the purchase to other teams)… so with a price of only $6.96 the only thing that I can say more is a thumb up to Amazon and this paracord survival bracelet!!!

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