Ciclone iSpin Mop

Are you searching for an item that can help you to wash and clean the floor without have to bend and increase back pain and without getting your hands wet? Here there is the solution: Ciclone iSpin Mop.

I bought this mop and bucket in April for my mother who was starting to have pain in her back and some arthritis

. In the package there was:

– 1 bucket system;

– 1 stainless steel telescopic handle, you need to assemble the 3 pieces;

– 1 ultra absorbent micro-fiber mop.

The bucket is a very sophisticated one. In fact, there is a section (that looks like the washing machine drum) in the bucket where you can spin the mop with your hands to dry the mop and be able to wash&dry the floor without lowering your shoulders. You can also set the pole in the bucket or on the floor to stand alone without having the risk that the mop will slide down the wall to the floor.

Another feature of this bucket are the 2 wheels and the practical retractable handle (it has a system of magnets and springs that when you let it go, the handle will return folded and closed on the side of the bucket), You can roll the bucket to different rooms without having to carry it..

In case you need to transport the bucket to second floor level, you can empty the dirty water by removing the cap from the back of the bucket and fill it again with clean water and detergent. There are also 2 big handles to transport the bucket up stairs, but if it is full of water it can be a bit uncomfortable.

The stainless steel handle, in addition to being self-standing, has a safety lock to stop the rotation of the pole while you clean the floor, and it has a 180° spinning capability to use the mop head under a bed (with wood floors) and other nasty furnishings… sometimes I even used this feature to clean outside of my car.

The fiber mop looks resilient, and it can be washed and reused.

In the end I feel satisfied with the purchase through Amazon, even if the noise of the powerful spin wash/system hand press pole is a bit nasty… but the main purpose of this purchase was to buy an item that can help my mother to clean/wash the floor of her house without losing her health, so thumbs up for Ciclone iSpin Mop!

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