Disney Elsa Classic costume

If are you looking for a perfect gift for a young girl, this dress will be perfect, even for carnival party.

My sister bought this costume at the end of January for my 3 year old niece. In the size chart available on Amazon she purchased the medium size (5-6 years), because in picture the child wears the costume with nothing under, but in case the child will wear the dress in winter or outside for carnival parades, its better buy a larger size of dress to wear it over a long-sleeved shirt and not catch a cold.

The dress is officially licensed by Frozen, the Disney Snow Queen Elsa… (Who doesn’t know the song “let it go”)… the material is 100% polyester so better to not wash it with washing machine! Shoes are not included.

The front of the dress is made of blue satin, for the skirt; on the upper part there is a stamp of blue sequins (it is a dress for children so of course sequins are not real); the sleeves are transparent and are made with light blue tulle.

The best part of this dress is: the ‘cape’ with snowflakes in the back of costume made with veil and it is full of glitter (for the joy of grandmother that will need to wash the floor after).

I saw many children wear also different types of Elsa’s dress, but none have a cape like this dress has.

My sister needed to go to a dressmaker to shorten it a bit, but not the width and the cape. She continues to thanks me that I found the best price on the internet (Amazon) and because my niece (blue eyes and blond hair) loves to wear it and dance to the song “Let it go”… so I can say that Disney and Amazon made a great item so thumbs up!

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