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This is a very nice and affordably priced double electric breast pump.  It is however made in China and not a famous brand, but it works perfectly just like other expensive world famous breast pumps. When I ordered it I honestly did not have high expectations from this product. I thought I will give it a try anyway since it is really not that expensive. I was happy to just write it off without regret if it turned out to be a dud, but it surprised me BIG time!

First of all everything was packed very nicely in a box with the pump itself and pump accessories in a small white sack.  It is really quite convenient: when you want to take your pump with you, you can use the sack and do not need to worry about how to pack your pump. The pump is very light and compact, which is another advantage compared to other electric breast pumps.

As mentioned previously it is a double electric breast pump and it contains 2 bottles (150ml or 5oz each), a bottle teat and the motor/pump with button controls. You can use the bottles directly as feeding bottles for the baby and avoid pouring milk from one container to another unnecessarily, you can probably use the bottles to store milk as well. The manufacturer says it is a BPA free product and all the materials of the pump is high temperature resistant and safe to sanitize with steam / boiling water.

The pump is powered via USB and you can easily connect it to your laptop for example and go about your business while the pump does its thing. The control buttons allow you to change the mode and the power of the suction, but I would recommend just leaving it in auto mode. If you simply use the start button the pump will work through a program of different modes designed to get the milk flowing so there is no need to worry about specific settings, just sit back and relax. The pump will automatically do a breast massage for around 2 minutes and then start to pump the milk. Don’t expect to see the milk flow immediately, it takes time to get going. Not too much time, maybe around 2-5 minutes.

It is not a noisy process, so you don’ t need to worry about waking up the baby or disturbing people around you. I happily rate this product 5 stars and recommend it to any mommy who might still have doubts about trying a non-branded product that is easier on the pocket.

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