Essential Phone 128 GB

This is my review of the Essential Phone that was released last fall.  I was looking for a new phone & did not want to pay the price of a normal flagship phone.  It is from a startup company that was founded by an old Google employee who worked on the Android system.  With it being a startup & this is their only product for far to date, besides the 360 camera that you can buy as an accessory to it, it makes it difficult to decide to buy this.  But given the hardware specifications that they had on this & the basically pure Android system & no added bloatware on it, it seemed like a good idea to give this a try.

Here is some of the specs:

-128GB of storage standard (which is much better than other phones in this price range as they come with either 32 or 64GB)

-4GB of RAM

-Screen size of 5.71” & a resolution of 2560 x 1312

-Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor

You can find other specifications on the product page of the phone.

The good things about it is for me the size is not too big even though the screen is 5.7” as it is basically bezel less, so it is about the same total size as a smaller 5” phone.  It gets the monthly security updates from Google very quickly.  It has a very sturdy build as it is made out of titanium & the back is ceramic.  Has Gorilla Glass 5 so the screen is durable & has very vibrate detail & colors because of the high resolution.  Battery life for me seems very good as I can get a full day out of it without needing to charge & when charging it charges quickly.

Some of the not so good things about this is the camera is not very good compared to other high end phones.  It is getting better as they have been providing updates to it pretty frequently & is way better then when I first got it.  But still is better to get a 3rd party app for the camera.  No headphone jack. Because of the ceramic back the phone is very slippery & shows fingerprints easily so definitely need a case for it.  There is also some screen lags but seem to be getting better & once Oreo update comes it should fix that.

Overall I would say for this is an ok phone but not for everybody who want a very good camera with their phone.  With the recent price drops it now is more in the affordable range for the specifications it has.

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