Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bounce & Spin Zebra

Last March my sister bought this toy for my niece (at the time she was 2 years and 3 months) through Amazon which had the price way cheaper than other competitors.

The zebra is easy to put together (I assembled it in less than 10 minutes) and require 3 AA batteries (Not included). The size of the zebra is: 15.9 x 21.9 x 8.9 inches with weight of 2.2 pounds. It is fixed in the pedestal with a spring, which in turn is affixed to  the green plate, and this is very important for the safety of children. To prevent falls, the Zebra has a very good safety system that locks movements until the child is sitting properly in the seat and it has two orange handlebars that help children to hold tight during their wild rides on the zebra.

It is a great toy to encourage the child to develop coordination skills. Once they’ve climbed into the saddle, the child will be able to jump up and down or turn around stimulated by 5 cheerful songs and many sound effects (the music sometimes can seem a bit loud). The manufacturer suggest the use of this toy for ages 1 to 3 years, but for my experience, my niece invites friends from kindergarten, so I can say that even more grown up children till 5 years (with weight limit of 43 lbs.) can play with the zebra, jumping and have fun on it (this is a sign that the toy is very sturdy).

In my opinion the quality of toy is very high, and like in my case, the toy can be used by more children such as kindergarten friends or neighbors. My sister this summer placed the zebra in her courtyard outside and the lights in the ball spins, (on the center of the handles) and was making a really fun effect for my niece that played with it until dusk… So the only thing that I would say is a thumb up for quality and the fun that the children will have on it.

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