Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation Spf15

BRAND CLAIMS – Give your skin a perfect finish with Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation. A full coverage, long lasting foundation, infused with skin revitalizing Italian Volcanic Minerals and SPF 15. Conceals imperfections for a lasting, healthy and youthful looking complexion.

Pro’s – Porcelain skin, flawless and a perfect face is the dream of every woman. If we all would have it straight in the morning when we wake up it would be so perfect. This foundation from Giordani Gold, comes in a black box, and it is a glass bottle that thankfully comes with a pump.

This is the perfect foundation in winter for myself personally. Colour – Light Ivory. Maybe I should mention that my skin is very light also and natural hair is dark blonde.

After you open it, you will notice it smells beautiful. The product has a medium coverage and a medium thick consistency; 3 pumps works very good for my face and neck, and I apply just one layer usually. It blends easily with the skin and resists 12 hours very good if it is fixed with a Compact Powder after.

Of course I fix my nose maybe after 4 hours, or in my breaks, again with some powder. It does not feel heavy on your face like some other foundations and you do not need a special cream for sun protection since it has 15 Spf if you want to use it in summer.

Plus it has Italian Volcanic minerals which are age-defying and helping the elasticity of your skin, nourishing it. At 25 years old yes you are young, but you might have some smooth lines called wrinkles and you need start to worry about them and give them more care. I had no allergy from it, and I have no pimples.

So, in the end, yes it does give you a beautiful natural appearance with a soft smooth finish and it is a good found foundation that I will buy again.

Con’s – It comes just in 5 shades as we see on amazon, Porcelain, Light Rose, Light Ivory, Rose Beige and Natural Beige. The price is $29.90, shipping, in my case, just $5 so, I don’t know how you might consider it, but I think it’s worthy!

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