H2O X5 plus steam mop

If are you looking for a steam mop not heavy and easy to use for arrive in any corner of house… this steam mop will be just perfect!!!

I bought the H2O X5 steam mop for one of my friend, though Amazon in February for just 79,70 EUR., and in 3 days the package was arrive at home.

What’s inside the package:

– 1 red steam mop H2O X5 plus, self-standing;

– 1 microfiber mop, it is possible to wash in washing machine for a use it more than a single time;

– 1 triangular head, for clean carpets;

– 1 round brush, for a deep clean of cookers;

– 1 flexible tube, for arrive on higher spaces;

– 1 measuring spoon;

– instruction handbook.

This version is the latest one of the famous H2O X5 steam mop 3 in 1. The particularity is that the weight is just 2,3 kg, great on any surface and it doesn’t let any water trails on the floor.

The tank contain 400 cl. of water full load and it heats very fast so the steam mop is ready to use in almost no time, it cleans only with the steam power so it is safe to use also in case you have a domestic animal as my friend that has a dwarf rabbit.

The “flaw” of this purchase is that it comes with only one microfiber mop but, thankfully, it is possible to wash and reuse it. Anyway, it is highly recommended to buy some extra microfiber mop in case the one is still dirty.

In the end from the experience of my friend I can say that H2O X5 plus steam mop is perfect for people like her that needs help in cleaning the house & doesn’t want to invest lot of time and money! Thumbs up to H2O and Amazon!

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