Kylo Ren´s Command Shuttle by Revell

I don’t know how much you like the new Star Wars Disney Era characters, but that’s not the purpose of this review.  I’m not going to debate here how good or bad are the new movies, or Rey, or Finn or Ren, or – may the Force rest his dark soul in some tormented peace – Supreme Leader Snoke…

As I have said it in my previous Assault Walker review, I’m a Star Wars fan and i occasionally collect Star Wars toys. Kylo Ren´s Command ShuttleTM was quite impressive and I loved it from the first time I watched The Force Awakens and this Revell kit was more than i needed to spend an awesome evening with my fiance in assembling it!

Revell’s kit of Kylo Ren’s Command ShuttleTM has 53 pieces which must be carefully cut off from the plastic holster that binds them together. I knew Revell is one of the top German model kits manufacturers so my expectations of the quality of the product were totally met. Plastics are top quality, well moulded and nice finished. Actually, I might even say that the finesse of the details is quite astonishing and the parts assembly is easily. The Command Shuttle is big, but here I have to admit that it is a bit smaller than my expectations. The exact size of the assembled shuttle is 125x183x350 mm (4.92×7.20×13.77 inches).

This model does not require extra painting, it does not come with any decals, which is quite good from my point of view, as it does not require advanced assembly skills. The main purpose of this kit is to create a great replica of Kylo Ren’s Command ShuttleTM and isn’t it that what we all, Star Wars Fans want?

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