Mercedes Actros Truck and Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes Actros Truck and Mercedes AMG GT Car remote-controlled 1:24

– An original truck Mercedes Actros 1:24 scale that lists all the details of a real Mercedes Actros. The front and rear headlights work when you activate the remote-control, and the tractor can be connected with the trailer that carries a Mercedes AMG GT that can be also controlled via the same remote-control as the truck.

– 6 rechargeable alkaline batteries, so you don’t have to worry about buying batteries for it (because it is disappointing to receive a gift but unable to make it work if you don’t have batteries on hand).

The truck and the car are both built with rigid plastic that resist bumps, with the exception of the rear-view mirrors of both the car and truck that are made with flexible plastic. While I was watching my nephew playing with them I didn’t resist and I asked if he would play with them and test them for a little… driving a truck… It was a child’s dream J.

With the trailer connected, the truck doesn’t reaches high speeds, just as in reality, and moving it will make you feel like a real truck driver that’s transporting a Mercedes AMG GT, not tomatoes.

When you stop the truck with the remote-control you can lower the trailer ramp and switch on the car to drive it too, the amazing thing is that both the truck and the car can be remotely controlled together with the same controller.

But, unfortunately, as all beautiful things there is an end, and I had to give back the remote-control with truck and car to the legitimate owner that appreciated it a lot as his Christmas gift.

Recommended for the quality and price because if you have in the family a boy that loves toys with remote-controls, and has the passion for cars and trucks, this toy will make him very happy and maybe it will tempt you too, to drive it for some minutes!

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