Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream 2 oz

If you have dry skin or do not know what hand cream to buy, here is the answer – Neutrogena! The tube says it is a hand cream, but in fact you can use pretty much on every part of your skin; elbows, knees, even face and lips! So with a single tube you have something more flexible than other skin and face products. It can be your face cream or even your hygienic lipstick. This is a big plus for the people who do not like a lot of different cosmetic products in their lives or cosmetic bags.

Daily use helps to soften and smoothen the problematic areas of the skin. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with dry skin conditions, especially during winter time. Suitable for men, woman, kids and the elderly. Another benefit is that it is fragrance free and is absorbed into the skin immediately. Although there is no fragrance, there is a bit of an after taste when you apply it to your lips. It is non-greasy and you will not need to apply large amounts of the product as it smears over the skin easily.

The texture of the cream is reminiscent of old gold Vaseline. You should notice effects within a day. The small package of the cream is very convenient at only 2 oz (or 60ml), you will easily fit it in your smaller handbags.

Price wise it is a mid-range product. Not that expensive, but also not cheap and it offers good value and quality at this price. I rate this product 5 stars and advise everyone to try it at least once. If you live in a really cold place, do not hesitate to try it. Once you do I doubt that you would want to buy something else!

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