Phone case for HTC Desire 650

Along with the HTC Desire that I have already reviewed, I had also ordered a phone case for it. Again, from Amazon. The delivery was right on time, same day with the phone, it fits perfectly, keeping the phone safe from any possible damage. It also has small compartments, for bank cards and money, which makes it useful also as a wallet.

The material used imitates leather very well, and can keep the phone safe from water or rain. The case also has a hard material that keeps the phone safe from any ‘meetings’ with the floor.

The case is flexible, so it can be set as a support for the phone and also a closing system based on a magnet.

I chose the black color not only for being my favourite, but also because its a color that can endure dust, which is very common at work.

I’m really happy with the choice I made, considering that I keep dropping my phone a lot, especially when I am at work. Overall, the case has a good quality, nice and practical design and, above all, the price was lower than on other online shops I searched, so it seemed to be a real bargain!

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