PJ Masks Vehicle Owlette and Owl-Glider

Do you want a little help for the next gift for your children? Then here I will give you nice tips and become a cool parents/uncle/aunt.

Some months ago staying and talking with my 3 year old niece, I was asking her what she would desire as a gift and she told me PJ Masks. Of course I didn’t know what the hell it was, so I was looking at some videos on YouTube, and I understood that they are three children (Amaya, Connor and Greg) that in the night become Super-Heroes (Owlette, Catboy and Gekko).

So looking on Amazon I found her favorite one, Owlette, with his vehicle the Owl Glider. I bought it and in three days it arrived at home ready for Christmas.

In the package there was the Owl-Glider (that it is bigger than how it looks on the internet) where there are three seats for all 3 Super-Heroes and Owlette with her Owl Wings which are flexible rubber, legs/arms are rigid but mobile so Owlette can sit or stand up.

The toy is very resistant and after so many crushes, it is still as good as when I bought it For small children, as with my niece, you need to help to sit or remove the Super-Heroes because the interlocking on seats is a bit strong.

When you buy the first PJ Mask, of course, you will be encouraged by your child to buy at least the other 2 PJ Masks to fill all the seats on the Owl-Glider. So after one week I ordered and bought Gekko and Catboy separately.

It is a must have for children like my niece that love PJ Masks and they know everything about this cartoon, even if they are just 3 years old. The quality of the toy is very high and in the end your child/niece/nephew will be very happy, and that is what for real matters.

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