Plug In Starlyf Fast Heater

Take note, this reviewed item works only with 220 volt European standard outlets, not for use in the USA. 

I bought this compact heater in October for my 86 year old grandmother that saw the commercial on TV… but I bought it through Amazon because delivery was faster. In the box there was the heater, that is very small (high 15.8, wide 8.5, deep 14.5cm), and the illustrative booklet in different languages about precautions for use.

The heater uses thermo-ceramic technology (400 W) and has:

– Thermostat, that allows you to adjust the temperature between 15 and 32°C;

– Digital LED screen, where you see the set temperature;

– Button for thermo speed, (the power of the fan)

– Timer, that allows you to program the automatic switch off up to 12 hours;

– Button on the side to switch the heater on and off..

There is a button which allows it to be oriented in horizontal or vertical.

From the manufacturer, with this heater you will be able to heat any kind of room (up to 23 square meters). In my opinion, this heater from my experience  is a good heater for a very small room, and it can be a service in the bathroom (to warm it before you take a shower). And the timer is very useful in the event you fall asleep.

However, the rest doesn’t do what the advertising on TV says. It makes a deafening noise in the first hour of working and the 400W are not enough to warm up a room of the declared dimensions; you feel the warmth only if you sit on the front of it (as a hairdryer) or maybe if you live in an igloo.

I would not recommend this heater because there isn’t a reason to have it; yes the price is not expensive and it doesn’t consume so much energy. but in my case its just a swindle.

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