Pop the Pig Game – Italian Version

I bought this kids game almost 4/5 years ago for my nephew and after so many years the game is still working and now his sister is having fun playing this game.

Pop the Pig is a simple and elementary game but that helps children from 4 years old to start and expand their minds.

In the box there is:

– The pig, as a very greedy Chef;

– 16 hamburgers, 4 reds, 4 yellow, 4 green and 4 purple;

– 1 dice;

– 1 instruction manual.

The pig is made of plastic, so better to not throw it on the floor, except the belly that is made with pink latex which helps the belly to grow and deflate. The game doesn’t need batteries.

The number of players for the game is from 2 to 6 players. The game starts with the youngest player whom throws the dice on the table and takes one hamburger with the corresponding colors of the dice. Reading the number under the hamburger (1, 2, 3 or 4), put it in the pig’s mouth after you pump his head the corresponding number that was indicated under the hamburger. Any pumps on the head will make the pig’s belly grow, until eventually his belt pops open.

The player that makes the pig’s belt explode loses the game! To restart the game you will need to push the pig’s tail in horizontal and remove all hamburgers from the small flap in the back of the pig.

Note that on two sides of the dice there are some bonuses:

– The first one is a hamburger black & white with a black cross above that means your turn is skipped (you don’t have the “risk” of losing the game);

– The other face bonus is a hamburger with all four colors, so the player can choose which color of hamburger to put in the pig’s mouth (usually the group of remaining hamburgers that has the least value numbers).

I suggest this kids game because with it children can start to learn the names of colors, numbers and they will stay with the suspense watching the pig’s belly grow until his belt pops.  This game provides hours of pleasure, and is fun and entertaining to any age group, and I highly recommend it!

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