Regal Academy Fairy Glitter with Tattoo Key, Doll Rose – GIOCHI PREZIOSI

I bought this doll for my niece, as Carnival gift, in the beginning of February through Amazon.

These dolls are in this moment very popular among the children of this generation thanks for the big success of the animated series on TV.

Rose is a teenage that frequents the prestigious school named Regal Academy (learn how to use magic) where she discovers to be the granddaughter of the headmistress Cinderella.

In the package there was:

– The doll Rose with the “Regal Armor” uniform;

– Tattoo key, it is something like a pen/brush;

– Adhesive stencil, with various form as tower, pumpkin, heart, rose, crown and an apple… for create the glitter tattoo;

– Small plastic star-shaped jar that contain the glue and under his cup there is a little brush for apply the glue on hand/arm of children;

– Two small plastic jar that contain one the white glitter and the other one the “pink” glitter.

The manufacturer suggest as range age 36 months till 8 years… well my niece of 3 years is not already able to apply all by herself the stencil on her hand, to put glue with the own little brush, to put on the zone of her skin covered by the glue the glitter and spread it with the tattoo key… so she asks help to her mother/brother for make a tattoo.

Materials of doll are apparently high, in fact my niece is able to move all joints of Rose and maybe for this big feature there is from the other side that the doll is very frail… after three day my niece when she was try to remove the clothes from the doll, she was remain with one leg of Rose in her hand and lucky her the joint was not broke so the doll was return as new ;).

Another thing that I didn’t like about this doll is the adhesive stencil that after some uses it become unusable.

I would not suggest the purchase of this doll for these cons but from the other side if who ask you this doll is your niece or daughter… well it became very hard tell them no!!

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