Samsung Chromebook Pro

I have had this chromebook for a few months now. Chromebooks take a little getting used to as it is basically just a chrome browser & cannot do everything that a Windows laptop can do. So, basically, you have no chances for gaming or other high end things. I have owned a chromebook since around 2012 so know they are basically good for general web browsing.

This particular chromebook is on the high end of the price spectrum & the hardware & screen do show the extra price compared to the basic chromebook. The Samsung Chromebook Pro is also a touchscreen & it folds 360 so you can basically use it like a tablet or also use tent mode so watching videos is very easy. It also comes with a stylus that conveniently stores in the side so you do not have to worry about misplacing it all the time. The touchscreen is very responsive to both finger & stylus so it works like it should.

This chromebook comes with the Google playstore already added so add many more features that you can get from the playstore. So if you like Microsoft office products you can get the app from the playstore & it works just fine, otherwise the google docs works just as well.

The one downside so far with the playstore is that still some of the apps are not compatible with a bigger screen, so you see them like they would be on the phone, but as time goes on more & more developers are updating them so they also look good on chromebooks.

The screen is very beautiful  has a resolution of 2400×1600 with a screen size of 12.3 inches. So with this screen size & it also being a touchscreen makes it very portable & easy to take with you. It basically can replace a larger laptop. The processor can handle many tabs open without getting any lag & also comes with 4GB of RAM which is enough from general web browsing & some other functions. The battery life is pretty good, I would say around 7 hours with just basic browsing but if watching videos or other more processor intensive programs then could be around 5 hours. It charges very quickly.

Basically this is a very good 2nd laptop for people that want easily portability & could be an excellent only laptop for people who are not dependent on windows based programs.  The couple of downsides is the price, but wait for sales & you can usually find it very reasonably priced, & also no backlight keyboard for people who prefer that.

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