Simba Masha and the Bear Playset Masha School Fun

After the review about PJ Masks (you can find it on this site) here is another toy that is a must have for all children of this generation… Masha at school. I bought this item in the beginning of February through Amazon, to give a small surprise to my 3 year old niece (she already have another Masha but her hair has become all ruffled for how much she played with her).

The package is very small just 17 cm, but inside of the box there are so many little items and the scenery in cardboard that depicts the interior of a classroom with a map and Russian alphabet (from where Masha come). First of all you will need to remove the plastic clamps that hold all the items in the box. All items are made with plastic, Masha can stand up at the blackboard or she can sit at her desk. She can wear the glasses and she can take in her hands all items like compass, protractor, set-square or she can play with the calculator, notebook and abacus.

For the school-bag, with a little bit of fantasy, you can fix 2 small strings (as I did) and Masha will be able to wear the school-bag on her shoulders.

My niece is very happy about this Masha school playset., She watches all episodes of this cartoon on TV and videos on YouTube (even in Russian) In fact, she puts the glasses on her bear (NOT included) because on the cartoon the bear is the teacher and Masha the student.

So if also your children are addicted to this “sane” cartoon, with this item you will give a very welcome gift for them, and with a price so low your wallet will also be happy… thumbs up, very recommended.

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