Star Wars 12-inch Stormtrooper with Assault Walker

Well, yes, when it comes to Star Wars toys, i know there’s a huge fan collectors community out there and, yes, Star Wars toys are rather considered COLLECTIBLES than toys. And I am one of such big old boys that collects them. So, this Star Wars 12-inch Assault Walker with Riot Control Stormtrooper Sergeant came as a nice addition into my collection.

First of all, I have to say that right after you will open the box, you will have to assemble the Assault Walker. That is not a tough job, though it may require a bit of attention and patience. It comes with precise instruction, anyway, so if you’re careful, be sure you’ll make it. What i would like to point out is that i would have wanted that the Assault Walker was made from a better quality plastic, but I’m pretty sure Hasbro had good reasons to keep it like that. And, by saying like that, i mean the plastic is soft, “legs” of the vehicle dont have my desired level of finishing touches, but at least this prevents it from getting easily cracked. On the other hand, the 12″ stormtrooper is awesome in detail and quality, not so flexible and articulated as the black series from Hasbro, but, hey… the price was damn good and for displaying it into a collection, it really does the job.

Now, trying to think as a kid, I might find it a bit difficult to play with the whole set, but children nowadays are full of surprises and I am pretty sure their rich fantasy will surely find nice ways to play with this toy. To support it’s play-ability, theĀ Assault Walker with Riot Control Stormtrooper Sergeant has a QR code which gives the young or the old boys the ability to recreate interesting battle scenes and get some fun and entertainment. So, no matter if you’re a collector or just want to make a nice present to a kid, this toy is something you should not miss. Mine will soon be part of a nice Star Wars diorama, may the Force be strong with me to make it happen!

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