Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit

I bought this item already 2 years ago, and from that day I use it every day because it is easy to use and it is the fastest way to remove dust and allergens from cats/dogs from  any corners of the house, and you have more time to stay lying down on sofa watching a good movie or to go and have fun outside with friends. Not to mention that it extends up to 3 feet long!

The extender kit arrived folded in a tight plastic to hold it with 3 dusters in the box and, as i have said, the handle extends to 3 feet. The handle fits all kinds of refill dusters, so you don’t need to buy specific refill dusters. The Swiffer is capable of holding a lot of dust (I use the refill Swiffer 180 dusters). After that you remove dust, for example from chandelier, you will not need to clean/wash the floor, because the Swiffer dusters trap & lock the dusts/allergens without making them fly in the air or fall on the floor (but if you don’t dust at least 1 time in a week the dust can be too excessive and then falls down on the floor).

Personally I reuse the duster more than one time and I throw it in the garbage more/less after 1-2 weeks of daily use.

This version of Swiffer duster is very useful for reaching higher places without using stairs (I’m 1.80 meter and I don’t have any problem with it for daily dust); it can be used at two different lengths. The shorter length works fine enough for dusting common parts in the house, the longer length works well for ceiling fan blades (depends how tall is the room).

It is a good solution for lazy people like me that hate to do domestic stuff, as it removes dust; indeed, now I remove dust without problems from the ordinary areas, and one time in a week the dust from higher places… Thanks for Swiffer to exist and make the cleaning easier. I’m fully satisfied about this purchase and I suggest it to everybody.

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