Unibond – Aero 360 Moisture Absorber Device

I bought this useful item in September, when the temperature between indoors and outdoors became wider… and there was condensation forming on the windows and doors of the living room and kitchen. In the package there was the Aero 360 Pure Humidity Absorber Device also with one refill. It has a really cool design too, in fact, it can also be  a very useful gift. I gave it to my aunt (her kitchen is very small and there is above only a small inner courtyard to help the air circulation).

Before giving her the Aero 360 moisture absorber device, her kitchen had a moldy smell and a high level of moisture… this wasn’t healthy and with the added humidity from cooking in the kitchen, everything was worse.

The moisture device uses a natural process to absorb excess humidity from the air and make the air in the house healthier. It doesn’t need batteries or electric power, so it’s completely silent.

To put the absorbent tab inside, you just need to press the “open” button on the top and place the tab on the spindle with the blue side facing downwards.  When the tab is totally dissolved then you can open the spout on the side and dump the brine solution into the toilet (as indicated by the manufacturer). It is quite easy also to see the amount of moisture/water extracted from the air because the moisture absorber block is half blue colored.

In my aunt’s case, she changes the refill tablet any 3 months, but the frequency depends on the size of room and moisture level. She is very surprised by the efficiency of the device and she is very happy not to use an electric dehumidifier which was absorbing only money on the electric bill.

I would recommend it and the price on Amazon is just perfect!

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