Watercolour Paint Set by Crafts

Watercolour Paint Set by Crafts 4 All 24 Premium Quality Art Watercolors Painting Kit for Artists, Students & Beginners – Perfect for Landscape and Portrait Paintings on Canvas was the best choice I could make as a present for my 12 yo niece which is an art student. She was very happy with it. As soon as she got it, she “tested it” made a nice drawing for me. High quality, 24 different colors, 3 brushes. Great price, fast delivery, and the product was delivered safe, undamaged, and it was according to the description I found on Amazon. Loved the choice of colors and plenty of shades.

I’m very happy i made this choice, especially that the set also contains 3 brushes also, and the price was awesome, a lot less than what i expected, or found on the market.

Since Easter is close enough, i will order it again, along with some other products used for painting!

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