Xiaomi Mi Max

A huge smartphone/phablet 

Some months ago I was looking for a smartphone I could change for my old one, and my eyes went to this huge smartphone, and in September I decided to buy it.This smartphone is an Android dual sim (micro-sim and nano-sim) or in base. As you need, you can use a micro-sim  or an external memory (SD card). I recharge it every 2-3 days, depending on use, and the battery never become too hot, even with several hours of use.In the beginning I was scared about the fact that this brand is less known in Europe, but when it arrived, I discovered that this smartphone is not a swindle phone that come from China because:- It is built with quality materials in a full metal body

– In the back there is fingerprint recognition for locking/unlocking the smartphone;

– It has a 12 megapixel camera for photos with a resolution of 4032×3024 pixels and it is possible to rec video in 4K with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels

– It has Bluetooth and LTE technology

– Frequent updates of software:  The name of software is MIUI. When I bought it, MIUI 8 was installed, but it updated to MIUI 9, and this made the smartphone faster than before. I bet you will never complain about the speed of it.


The principal feature of this smartphone, of course, is the huge screen (6.44″) with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Watching YouTube, Sky or my favorite Netflix series has been a pleasure. It’s like sitting in a cinema, but in fact you can stay in bed or on a train while going to work.

People around you will watch too, catching a glimpse of any movie/game that you are watching/playing.


After using it, you’ll look at all other smaller smartphones of 4.7″ in a different way, and you won’t go back. I’m able to use it with just one hand, although I do not have a giant hand. While walking I can put it in the pocket of my pants. When I sit, it is not uncomfortable to have in the pocket.


In conclusion, I’m really satisfied about this smartphone. I use it for fun but also for writing documents and a big screen like this can only help to see the entire document without scrolling up and down continuously.

In my opinion this smartphone is suitable for every age, and in my case, my 3 year old niece loves to watch videos on YouTube, my teenager of 11 years loves to play games and use social networks, my wife (no I can’t say her age lol) who loves to do online shopping and also my grandmother, who has sight issues, loves the fact that a smartphone like this shows a big font.

I bet the price of this smartphone will soon arrive at the same levels of other brands more known in Europe, because it is a product of high quality and has the same technologies as them.

I’m really happy to have discovered this ‘phablet’.

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