Yankee Candle Large Jar – Vanilla and Lime

If you are looking for a great candle with a fresh fragrance then you need to buy and try the Yankee Candles.

I bought this product in October through Amazon, and this brand is one of the most famous and best candles on the market. I bought the large classic jar and there was the option to receive the candle in an elegant gift-wrapping, but as man I didn’t choose it, and the package arrived in a normal box and well packed to prevent the glass jar from breaking.

The candle is endless, and the jar is elegant enough to not conflict with other furnishings in the house.

The fragrance is very sweet without being excessive and becoming sickening. It covers all smells in the house, also the most nasty smells such as fried fish. So you buy this candle and your wife can not complain about the bad smell that will remain in the house after frying because you will just light the candle for 30 minutes or more and the problem will be solved. The  fragrance will remain in the house for hours and will smell like you prepared a lime cake.

When the candle is finished, the jar can be reused to store other items also.

The price on Amazon is the best price that I found around, and in my case, it is more cheap than the retail stores close to my town, so I’m very happy to have discovered this famous brand of candle that for me has 4 pluses: fragrance, quality, burn time and price.

Highly recommended Amazon-Yankee Candles for the best price in the market and I suggest these candles also as a gift, in fact I was already ordering another pair of candles that I will give as a gift to my sister… the real one “addicted” to Yankee Candles in the family.

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